"I’ve become a master of napping anywhere." {x}

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make me choose → steve or tony? nick fury or tony?
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Some more CapAU things I postet on Twitter woop
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captain america #613

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Captain America & Bucky #621

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The Winter Soldier wears a mask for most of the film, which made it difficult for me to convey emotions. But it also kind of helped in a way. I felt when I was looking at myself in the mirror that I couldn’t recognize myself at all.

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You know what I don’t like?

How you have someone like Wanda Maximoff, full of love and strengthened by fire and adversity, and comic book writers did everything they could to break her. They took away the family she made for herself and years later her mental stability. And finally they took away her agency until she is nothing but a macguffin or something to motivate her teammates.

And it pisses me off. There is character development and then there is dragging a character through the mud because how dare they be happy and over come the challenges they’ve faced.

why are you not dancing?

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